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Additional items

oak slant front desk

green depression candlesticks and bowl

lot of brass items

pitch pipe - Tru-tone

3 pieces of silver overlay

Nippon pcs

beautiful wool blankets - Trapper Point, etc

2 good box spring and mattresses

rollator and cane + other health care items

beautiful oak double bed frame

Remington typewriter in case

cook books

set of pink pyrex bowls

Cornflower casseroles

lot of hankies

several square candy jars

honey labels

crystal bowl

aluminium trays - etched

Coleman lantern and camp stove

older kitchen collectibles - cookie cutters, etc

picnic basket - tin


table with drawer and shelf - small

Wilson and Sullivan ginger beer

tea wagon

mahogany sofa type table

drawknife and 2 spokeshaves


wardrobe with sliding glass doors

box lots of saws, electrical outlets, nails, wrenches, hinges, etc

boxes and boxes of greeting cars

writing paper, pencils, etc.

pastels, artist brushes (small number)